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7 Virtues of Street View - Interior Virtual Tours

posted Dec 7, 2012, 4:23 PM by Rafael Marxuach   [ updated Feb 13, 2013, 9:44 AM ]

Street View Technology is a key differentiator between Google Maps and other services. This year Google expanded the service to include Interior Views. Interior Virtual Tours allow business owners to engage customers like never before. This new marketing tool is unique in the sense that can be used by almost any type of business at a very affordable price. Whether is a restaurant, hotel, museum, store, cafe, showroom, car dealer, and others - a virtual tour will enhance your marketing mix. Lets look at the virtues of Virtual Tours.

  1. For the hospitality industry; Virtual Tours help to engage millions of people that are planning their next vacation, day trip, or a sudden outing. A recent Nielsen study shows how Google Maps is essential for all travel related businesses.
  2. When it comes to choose a restaurant, cafe or hangout - local search and customers reviews are a big factor. Because Interior Views are integrated to Google Maps and Local Search, customers are able to experience those unique details that differentiate your business from others.
  3. For those businesses that cater group events, a Virtual Tour makes it easy to show your facilities. All it takes is to email your customer with the link to the tour.
  4. Events and activities often require a careful coordination of people involved. A virtual tour can help the job of coordinating between designers, flowers supplier, musicians and performers - saving unnecessary visits to the venue.
  5. For a car dealer the next best thing after a car drive is the display of their latest car models. A virtual tour is an excellent way to view in detail the cars displayed at the showroom.
  6. The essence of the museum is to experience the beauty of the artwork. Whether you believe in giving customers the virtual experience and attract them to see the real thing or just give them a teaser of the museum experience, a virtual tour could be a vital marketing tool.
  7. Any business that invest on their physical presence, a virtual tour opens the possibility to share the uniqueness of the location with the world.

To learn more about Google Business Photos watch this new charming video....

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