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First post of 2013 - Google Business Photos revisited.

posted Jan 7, 2013, 6:28 AM by Rafael Marxuach   [ updated Dec 3, 2013, 6:17 AM ]

We are starting 2013 energized, this year promises to be very active. Google Virtual tours are increasingly becoming a bona fide marketing tool, this by itself will keep us busy. That's why we have forged strategic alliances for the other two services we offer  - Architecture and Digital Media. We are 100% focused on Google Virtual Tours and Photography.

In this - our first post of the year - I revisit Google Business Photos to show how it enhances Search Results and increases customers engagement. 

What are Google Business photos?

Google Business Photos is a one time fee service that enhance google search results - visual content published to Google properties. Virtual Tours are produced and moderated using the same technology than Google Street View to provide high quality HDR photography, fully interactive, 360 degree virtual tours.

Why a Google Virtual Tour?

Even businesses without a website can enhance their results on Google and show up for relevant search terms. The differences between a regular 360 Virtual Tour - they have been around for a while - and a Google Virtual Tour are:

  1. Google Virtual Tour drive traffic to your website from Google Search, Google Maps and Google Local+.
  2. Because it appears on these three Google properties click through rates increase and helps to build the brand.
  3. Engage customers in a rich interactive experience with the business location.

I’ll show below an example of a store we did recently, to illustrate how Google Business Photos enhance the business online presence across Google properties. The example below is of Sarah Pacini Bleecker St., an international brand for women fashion.

  • Google Search Results

Google Search Results

Above is the search result of Sarah Pacini NY. The images shown on the right hand side of the page corresponds to the Virtual Tour (See Inside) and the POI’s photographs (See Photos) both of these are included in the service we provide.

  • Google Search Results on Google Maps

Google Search Results on Google Maps

As you might know Google Maps is the dominant service to find local businesses. When a customer finds a business on Google Maps, the Virtual Tour will shows up on the left hand column with the imagery of your business. Just a click away of entering the store - virtually. An efficient way to amplify the brand's message online.

  • Google+ Local Page

Google+ Local Page

Google Local+ Pages is the place on Google for businesses to maintain - customer reviews, Zagat recommendations, imagery and photographs, information, and more. The image above shows how a Virtual Tour (See inside) and the POI’s photographs enhance Sarah Pacini Google Local+ page.

  • Virtual Tour - Customer Engagement

Virtual Tour - Customer Engagement

When a customer click on the Virtual Tour image (See Inside) - on the Google Search result page, Google Maps, or Local+ page - it takes him directly inside the store, allowing the customer to look around and see those details that the business want to highlight.

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