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Benefits of a Google Virtual Tour for Event Venues - six ways to add value.

posted May 25, 2013, 1:47 PM by Rafael Marxuach   [ updated Jun 13, 2013, 12:27 PM ]
Convene at 730 Third Ave.
Convene at 730 Third Ave.

Google Business Photos is a valuable service for most businesses. It enhance the company’s Google Search Results, Google Maps presence, and Google+ page. However, we all know that every business is different. In this post we explain the benefits of the service for companies that run Event Spaces.

A Google Virtual Tour is specially valuable for Venues, it can streamline the sales and planning stages, among other virtues. Below is our list of the six most important benefits delivered by this novel tool.

  1. A Google Virtual Tour (GVT) enhance Google Search Results: At Myarchn Business Photos we take care of all details to produce and publish the professional imagery to Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

  2. GVT’s engage customers: Different than a video, a Virtual Tour provide an interactive experience to the customer. The customer can walk around freely and explore the venue as if he was there.

  3. GVT’s substitute site visits: When a Google Virtual Tours is integrated with the business website it provide a tool comparable - if not better - than an on site visit. Check how Convene integrated the architectural floor plans with the tour for a superb user experience.

  4. GVT’s are a valuable tool for the Sales Team: Even as a stand alone Virtual Tour, the sales team can use it to show potential clients the facilities. All it takes is an email with the link to the tour, both customer and sales representative can tour the facilities simultaneously. When integrated with the company CRM the full potential could get accomplished.

  5. GVT’s are a valuable tool for event planners & design teams: Once the event is sold and the planning stage kicks in. At this stage event planners and designers can use the Tour to meet virtually at the site, as many times needed - with all parties present and without moving from their computer. Convenient to produce the perfect event.

  6. GVT’s are accessible everywhere across all platforms and devices. And because the Virtual Tour is produced with the most advanced Virtual Tour software - Google Street View - it scales properly across all platform and devices.

So, how expensive is the service? It’s not, the service is a great value for businesses. If you like to receive a quote just send us the square footage and number of levels of your space. We will get back to you promptly. The best part, you can have the Virtual Tour live in less than a week after the photographs are taken.

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