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Google Maps update, new opportunity for businesses.

posted Mar 4, 2014, 5:26 AM by Rafael Marxuach   [ updated Mar 21, 2014, 8:58 AM ]

Google Maps update is now available to hundreds of millions users. The changes that took place represents a considerable opportunity for businesses to excel, at a minimum maintain adequate visibility online. With this in mind the question becomes how to seize the opportunity.

The new Google Maps differ from the prior version (Classic View) in two important ways. The new design takes advantage of 100% of the screen, and secondly presents the businesses information differently.

In the new layout, the businesses information is contained within the Info Card as shown on the left top corner of the image above. Therefore, the opportunity to win or to lose the customer attention, depends on the information shown on the Card. Lets take a look at the information on the card.

  1. Name and business address
  2. Hours of operation and telephone
  3. Imagery - See Inside, Street View (outside), and Photos
  4. Reviews, menu
  5. Find a Table
  6. More

This information is hosted on your Business Listing also known as Local+ Page. When you become the verified owner of the business listing, is possible to manage the info and keep it up to date.

However, to include "See Inside Imagery" or (Google Virtual Tour), is required that you work with a Google Trusted Photographer. Because of this not everyone have it. When included, it provide customers more information to make their decisions, a recommended practice in a customer centric environment. 
We have streamline the process to produce and publish Google Virtual Tours to make it quick, affordable, and guaranteed. More so, we will help you expedite the verification process of your business listing with Google, if you haven’t done so.

Inside View (Virtual Tour) takes advantage of 100% of the screen allowing for an immersive interactive experience of the business.

Still Photographs of the outside and inside of the restaurant are part of the Business Photos service. The Photos take advantage of the full screen.

Allow me to show the difference of a business with and without a Virtual Tour. When you click on Cole’s Greenwich Village Info Card "See Inside", is like walking into the restaurant. This isn’t possible with Noir NYC because they don’t have a Google Virtual Tour.

In conclusion, if you don’t have a "See Inside" on your Google Maps Info Card, your business is at a disadvantage precisely at the moment when the customer decide where to make a reservation.


According to NYCCO findings, businesses with a Google Virtual Tour had a 30% higher click through rate to reservations, (Download: BusinessPhotosRestaurantsNYCCO (1).pdf ) this before the Google Maps update. With the new changes to Google maps this figure is expected to rise even more, taking in consideration the latest update. Which focus on helping customers decide and make the reservation right from the Info Card.

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