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My experience with Google Business Photos

posted Sep 17, 2013, 2:16 PM by Rafael Marxuach   [ updated Dec 3, 2013, 3:22 PM ]
NYC from Edgewater NJ

I continuously ask myself the following; How much value Google Business Photos add to businesses? The answer is phenomenal value. Why then some businesses delay the decision to add Google Business Photos?

To answer this I looked at my experience during the last 16 months. Soon after I obtained my certification with Google - early in June 2012 - I started interacting with business owners, marketing directors and managers, and decision makers. I have listened decision makers that sign up for the service immediately, others that delay the decision, and a few that said no. From all these interactions I found that the 5 most common challenges that we encounter, and hold back businesses from improving their online presence with Google Business Photos are: Saturation of marketing offers, Naiveté, Cost, Inadequate sales pitch, and Distrust. In this post I elaborate on each of these.

Saturation of Marketing Offers: There is not enough hours to adequately sort out the number of marketing offers and tools that we receive daily. It's a job on its own, posing an operational problem for many businesses.

Naiveté: Understanding the importance of Visual Content in the current environment is not crystal clear for everyone, even when experts agree that is key to stand out online.

Cost: In a business environment where “apparently free” services and applications are frequent, even a low one time fee to cover costs of the photography might seem pricey for a few. Perhaps, they are not aware of the cost of online and offline (print…) advertising, shelf life, and distribution. The daily cost of Google Business Photos is negligible, with an unlimited shelf life and worldwide distribution.

Inadequate Sales Pitch: Sales is the art of listening and building relationships. We strive to improve the skill-set of our sales team. This way we can serve our clients better.

Distrust: A customer told me once he didn't know who Google was? Of course he knew, he just didn’t wanted to hear another sales pitch. To gain the trust of a client is a hard job. We value our time and effort, that’s why we would never do anything that tampers with our credibility.

We work hard to educate our clients about the benefits, cost effectiveness, and ways to get the most out of our service. We are convinced that Google Business Photos is the best single thing a business can do to enhance their online presence. If you think that improving Google Search results is good for your business - Google Business Photos is for you.  

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