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Visual content is paramount, how to improve your marketing with better photography.

posted Jun 11, 2014, 8:26 AM by Rafael Marxuach   [ updated Jun 25, 2014, 4:37 AM ]

A visual Internet and an always wired population has changed the way businesses are marketing. On the other hand the way photography is being served lags behind. For example, most businesses still work with photographers on a project basis. What if instead we think “Photography as a Service”, a model to remove uncertainty, lower costs, and provide for more integration between businesses and photographer to improve marketing results.

The importance of images in our culture is obvious. Images in the form of drawings date back 20,000 years, the photographic image was invented a little over 200 years ago, and the first commercial digital camera was released only 24 years ago. A technological development that has granted photography center stage in popular modern culture. As a result an abundance of communities, social networks, technologies, applications, services, and gadgets have emerged.  

This presents new challenges for both businesses and producers. Lets take a look at the basics, to succinctly show why “Photography as a Service” make sense for both photographers and businesses.

I - Choose which level of photography best serve your marketing needs. These can be combined to fit different purpose photography, for example marketing use (online or offline) and/or social media. However, increased competition to gain online attention is putting pressure on businesses to use professional photography across the board.

  1. Professional photography

  2. Amateur photography

  3. Do it myself

II - Think how much photography you need for marketing. Choose from the list below the most adequate time interval for your business, taking in consideration these variables; available resources and budget, the type of industry you are in, what is the competition doing, and importance of visual content for your marketing strategy. This will get you started, later (Implement, Measure, and Iterate) and you will arrive to the ideal flow of new content.

For the sporadic interval disregard the Iteration phase.

  1. Continuous

  2. Consistent

  3. Sporadic

III - Last, choose the type of arrangement that works. My take is that "Photography as a Service" can effectively control cost by taking uncertainty out of the way. An agreement based on retainers fee + low monthly payments, is cost effective and provide for a deeper level of integration between photographer and business. Properly planned this could be a solution to achieve a continuous flow of professional photography for marketing.

  1. Project by Project (The time to manage the hiring process needs to be considered in the cost)

  2. Retainer + Recurrent Payments (Photography as a Service)

  3. In-house (on-payroll, sometimes not the best quality and could bring conflicts with other responsibilities)

At Myarchn Photography we want to help your business grow. That’s why we are committed to produce photographs that tell the story of your business and fit your publishing calendar. 

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